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Outdoor Supply is a leading supplier of GGB Exhaust Products in the US.

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GGB Exhaust | Outdoor Supply

All GGB Can's are ceramic coated for durability and feature a 2 year warranty.

MOUNTAIN – Super Lightweight with Race Aggressive sound

GGB Mountain cans are a super lightweight, straight through flow design and have an aggressive exhaust note when your on the throttle. They fit securely in the stock location using stock mounts, no modifications required. These cans are loud, please use accordingly. Most Mountain can's weigh between 4-5.5lbs.

TRAIL - Lightweight with Tuned Muscle Sound
Lightweight mufflers with a trail tuned, deep muscle sound. These mufflers are not straight through and will provide lower sound levels than our Mountain mufflers. Systems fit securely in the stock location so no modifications required. Most Trail can's weight between 6-7.5lbs.

QUIET - Lighter than stock, deeper tone/slightly louder than stock.
The GGB Quiet can is designed for riders wanting to enhance the stock sound and save weight at the same time. At idle the Quiet can delivers a deeper slightly louder exhaust note, transitioning to close to stock sound levels through the mid range and top end to keep the peace. Most Quiet can's weigh between 9-10.5lbs so there is still a considerable weight savings over stock.

Check out the videos for a comparison of Stock, Mountain, Trail and Quiet.